Launch Deal - Private Community Megosu

We noticed a big ask from our @Student.Design followers to connect with each other, we strive to provide just that! Establish a network, create partnerships, be inspired and receive feedback.
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Launch Deal - Private Community Megosu

Elena Kayser

'This is exactly the kind of platform I'm missing right now. Thank you for facilitating such an exchange!!'

Kevin Chrzanoswki

'So happy to be part of this great platform, filled with so many international creative minds!'

Nicolas Wijnstrekkers

'I met Max & Guido in 2019 at MilanDesignWeek surrounded by hundreds of potatoes; lol. It's great to see them providing a platform like this and I'm really happy to be a part of it!'

Bhumika Soam

'I'm here because I like trying out new experiences and exploring a supportive and informative design community.'